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Use this template to document your vision, change priorities and how your business will be working once they have been delivered. An effective communication tool it will help to bring the future organisation to life for people and win over ‘hearts and minds’.

Communication plan

Use this template to plan how you will effectively communicate with your internal and external stakeholders so they can align with, and contribute to, achieving your vision.

Project initiation document (PID)

Use this template to document the scope of a project and how it contributes to achieving the vision before you start.

Stop, Start, Continue, End Guide

Use this guide to help prioritise and refocus on your strategic priorities.

Business Book Club

Our recommended books that support positive mindsets, habits and business growth - ​

to really shift the needle in your business.​

Atomic Habits

by James Clear

If you're struggling to maintain new habits this book is a must. For me, it was key to understanding my identity and how to effectively track performance.

Lessons in Chemistry

by Bonnie Garmus

A fictional, thought-provoking and funny story of what it was like to be a woman in 1950s America. A book which rekindled by belief that BIG things can change.

Deliver what you Promise

by Bali Padda

Unlike turnaround stories involving a short-sighted focus on the bottom line, this story of cultural transformations and change management charts the success of Lego.

The bullet Journal Method

by Ryder Carroll

Struggling to get yourself organised? This is a great system for bringing structure and focus to your everyday life starting from what it is you want to achieve.

The Infinite Game

by Simon Sinek

A great reminder that the purpose of business is not solely to make money. Wildly successful, enduring companies focus on long-term purpose.


from GALLUP and Tom Rath

Performance improves by 36% when individuals and businesses focus on strengths. Not sure what your strengths are, this book will help you to identify them.

The 5 Second Rule

by Mel Robbins

Change is scary and requires us, as individual leaders, to step out of our comfort zones. The 5 second rule is a simple - and highly effective – technique for getting out of our own way!

Good to Great

by Jim Collins

Stresses the importance of leadership and urges businesses to discover their distinct strengths, passions and seek strategic clarity for navigating change and uniting towards a common goal.


by Daniel H. Pink

The three fundamentals for motivating people in the 21st century – purpose, mastery and autonomy.

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