Change management for the 21st century

Frustrated by the pace of change in your business?

As a business owner or leader you’re used to spinning plates, but imagine a world where you didn't have to. Where your team is capable of taking more ownership. A world where they were less reliant on you.

Change doesn’t have to be destabilising or impact your business performance. If you haven’t the necessary skills to make the change you need, trust in The Spiral Hub to work alongside you and your team to build them.

Introducing The Spiral Hub

My name's Nicky.

I founded The Spiral Hub to offer something different to DIY or ‘traditional’ change management consultants!

At The Spiral Hub we blend the best of consulting, coaching and training to equip you with the skills for today and tomorrow.

What we do:

1:1 Change Leadership Coaching

Results-focused coach working with senior leaders, creating a safe space for you to challenge your own thinking and behaviours in leading your business through change.

Strategy Development Beyond Words

Strategy development that makes the difference between a document that gathers dust on the shelf, to one that inspires, motivates and empowers your team to deliver.

Business Readiness Diagnostic

Proven Business Readiness Diagnostic that tests your business against five areas to identify the changes you need to make within your business to continue your growth trajectory.​

Business Infrastructure Accelerator

12-week Business Infrastructure Accelerator programme tailored to your business. Designed to build a structure that creates a smooth-running business geared for profitable growth.​

Membership Programme

A mentor for the long-term, helping you to navigate every bump in the road, motivate you when things don't go according to plan, and holding you accountable when the next 'shiny new thing' tempts you off course.​

3 easy ways to get started

Check out my top resources for getting your change programme off to a flying start

#1 Setting your Vision and Change Priorities eBook

Change starts when you are clear on what you want to achieve and have shared your vision with everyone in your business. For support getting started enter your email address to get our FREE setting your vision and change priorities eBook.

#2 Implementing your Vision and Change Priorities bundle

Got your vision but not sure how to convert words into action? For just £97 gain access to the Implementing your Vision and Change Priorities masterclass, along with lots of bonus content.

#3 Join my FREE monthly newsletter

No spam or unwanted stuff and that's a promise! Just helpful tips, real-world inspirational stories, strategies and much much more.

Check out what our clients say

“I really enjoyed working with Nicky, we developed a great rapport right from the start. Nicky's valuable experience helped me navigate various competing priorities whilst dealing with some challenging situations. She helped me remain focused and was a great sounding board. Nicky gave me some invaluable ideas and shared her own personal resources to support the development of the organisation's strategy".

Charlotte Gilsenan


“Nicky was a fantastic facilitator of change for our organisation, bringing together a complex range of challenges into manageable opportunities for transformation".

Alistair Catterall


“Nicky provided an excellent talk on change to two of my business leaders groups. All left with valuable lists of actions and thoughts to apply to their own businesses. Nicky provides useful examples, as well as guidance on what can go wrong and what works: all of it informative and engaging. Highly recommended".

Harry Wyndham


“We've found The Spiral Hub training programme to be of great benefit in initiating positive change. The programme has been easy to follow and the speakers are truly inspirational. Although it's asked some awkward questions of us at times, there has also been some real 'ah-ha!' moments. We look forward to completing our change programme with Nicky's support".

Daren Wallis


Check out what our clients say

“I knew Nicky before we asked her to help us take Mercury Systems through a period where we were struggling to break through and grow the business. From the first moment, Nicky understood our issues and not only helped us to grow, she also mentored and coached us to adjust our company structure so that we are positioned to continue that growth for many years to come.

Michael Rothwell


“Nicky is a hugely inspiring leader who is highly skilled at team building and development. She has the ability to see the big challenges and to address these with novel solutions. Her emotional intelligence, integrity and accountability helped win over colleagues and deliver results.

Dr Crawford Jamieson


“I know Nicky through a course she ran. She got to know my start-up very fast and has been a business mentor to me since then. I really value Nicky’s experience, her insight, her practical advice and her easy going manner. I would highly recommend her!

Stella Kamba



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