Different to DIY or 'traditional' change management consultants, in a good way!

Passionate about delivering change (that works!), I am on a mission to change the way we do change. Supporting as many business leaders – and leadership teams – as possible to successfully implement change that enables them to continue growing thriving businesses that are good for their people and the planet.

Putting 100% focus on empowering you and your team with the tools to deliver results; blending the best of consulting, coaching and training to equip you with the skills for today and tomorrow.

1:1 Change Leadership Coaching

Know you want to change your business but not sure where to start? Looking for a new approach to implementing change, one that works?

Leading change can be one of the most challenging experiences a leader faces. Beyond the feeling of loneliness, which leaders often experience, change can feel overwhelming. Getting comfortable with not having all the answers, understanding how to empower others to deliver change, and unearthing personal behaviours and actions that impact others are all common challenges that we help our leaders overcome.

As a results focused coach, Nicky works on a 1:1 basis with senior leaders creating a safe space to challenge thinking and behaviours. Coaching starts by agreeing what you want to achieve and writing a short document setting out these objectives, giving us clarity and focus for future sessions.

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Strategy Development Beyond Words

Want to grow your business but aren't really clear on how? Maybe you know the 'how' but nothing is changing?

Having a clear vision and strategy for your business is an essential first step. But words on a page are not enough.

How you develop your strategy directly affects your chances of it becoming your reality.

At The Spiral Hub we take a different approach to strategy development. Involving your teams in the process so there is buy-in and commitment to making it happen. Each project is custom-made for our clients using our proven approach:

Initial drafting – facilitated working sessions with the leadership team to develop a vision statement and strategic objectives (strategy-on-a-page).

Iteration – once drafted the strategy-on-a-page is iterated until the leadership team is ready for it to be shared with the wider team.

The 80/20 stage – the strategy-on-a-page is shared across the business to get input from everyone. How this is done is tailored to how you communicate as a business. Approaches we have used include team meetings, newsletters, and canteen pop-ups.

Incorporating feedback – feedback is discussed and the strategy-on-a-page updated to reflect the input received by people from across the business.

Sign off – the strategy is formally signed off to set a clear intention of forward momentum.

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Business Readiness Diagnostic 

Repeatedly hitting a brick wall, unable to get past a certain level of turnover? Hitting your targets one year but not the next?

There comes a point in every business when sustained growth only happens once investment has been made into managing the complexities of running a bigger business and developing the internal infrastructure. Our Business Readiness Diagnostic looks at five areas to identify the changes you need to make within your business to continue your growth trajectory:


Structure – how clear is the business on everyone's roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities?


Communication – how well do decisions and information flow up, down and across the business?


Systems and processes – how well documented are today's systems and processes and do people follow them? 


Culture – how healthy is the culture, do people feel confident to challenge the status quo?  


Operating rhythm – how effectively does the business maintain momentum for making progress in achieving its goals? 

We provide immediate feedback on the areas holding you back and practical advice on the steps you need to take to create the internal infrastructure for continued business growth.  

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Business Infrastructure Accelerator

Need to improve how your business runs, in order to continue growing, but not sure where to start?

The Business Infrastructure Accelerator is a 12-week programme designed to give you the tools to build the internal infrastructure needed to create a smooth-running business and gear up for profitable growth.





WEEK 5-11


Introduction and overview of the programme

Getting the right structure in place

Coaching to embed learning from week 1

Systematising for profitable growth

Coaching to embed learning from week 2

Developing a rhythm for progress & accountability

Coaching to embed learning from week 3

Action planning to implement your learning

Implement the learning


Review progress against the action plan

Tips for maintaining momentum post course

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