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Strengthen your team's skills to lead change and grow your business.

Change management consultant

Why people, like you, need The Spiral Hub Programme

Do you have a vision for your business but are struggling to achieve it? Do you know your business needs to change but you’re not sure where to start? Have you started lots of different projects but struggle to ever finish them? Maybe you’ve realised you’re part of the problem, but don’t know how to change?

It’s no surprise that you’re struggling.

Rest assured, you’re not alone! A massive 70% of change programmes fail!

Designed specifically for SMEs (like Daren)

The Spiral Hub Programme's membership model provides you with affordable support throughout the life of your change programme.

Think of us as a mentor who will help you navigate every bump in the road, motivate you when things don’t go according to plan (which is inevitable in all change programmes), and someone to hold you accountable when the next ‘shiny new thing’ tempts you off course.

We’ve found the Spiral Hub training programme to be of great benefit in initiating positive change. The programme has been easy to follow and the speakers are truly inspirational. Although it’s asked some awkward questions of us at times, there have also been some real ‘ah-ha!’ moments. We look forward to successfully completing our change programme with Nicky’s support.

Daren Wallis

Managing Director, Cirrus Research plc

How is The Spiral Hub Programme different?

Available 24/7/365 so you can access the programme at a time that works for you

Upskilling you and your team – not just for today’s challenges, but for the long term

We 'train', we don't just 'consult' (which means you build the skills needed to deliver change without becoming dependant on an external consultant)

The programme keeps you in the driving seat, working at a pace that is right for you and your business

Focused on accountability and delivering results from the outset

A clear (and affordable) pricing model

Members gain access to:

A library of masterclasses

Training delivered through pre-recorded videos; accompanied by tools and templates. Equipping you and your team with the skills to implement my proven change management framework.

A private online community

Shared learning with likeminded businesses on a similar journey. Ask questions and get valuable feedback from peers.

Support when you need it

Monthly Q&A drop-ins to help embed your learning and provide support as you implement change into your business.​

Accountability sessions

Live coaching sessions every month to review your progress. Supporting you and your team to establish and maintain momentum and focus.​

Now the exciting part…

What can I expect?

The Spiral Hub training dashboard


Online platform with 8 change management masterclasses, including: setting your vision and change priorities, communication and change, tracking project progress

Masterclass workbooks

Templates and self-assessment checklists


Monthly 1:1 coaching sessions for the CEO/MD to help unblock issues and stay one step ahead

Monthly team coaching sessions to maintain momentum and progress

Monthly group coaching calls for individuals to reflect on their own leadership and progress in achieving their goals

Nicky - change management consultant
The Spiral Hub workplan example


Quarterly face-to-face workshops

A bespoke workplan for you and your leadership team to guide you in achieving your change goals, refreshed once a quarter to keep you focused and moving forward

Monthly Q&A drop-in sessions to ask questions and get advice

How much?

Investing in change management support is a big decision. Often seen as a ‘love to have’ luxury, The Spiral Hub Programme is based on an affordable pricing model that makes external expertise a 'possible to have'.

This way to affordable membership

Pay monthly

Just £1,475/pm*

*Minimum initial contract period 4 months

Pay annually

Choose annual and save 30%

Members who wish to pay annually, rather than monthly, benefit from a massive 30% discount. Total: £12,390/pa (that's just £1,032.50/pm).

Arrange a free consultation

Book a free one-to-one consultation with Nicky to discuss your needs and whether the Spiral Hub Programme is right for you and your business.


Is my business too small to benefit?

The programme works best for businesses with 33 employees or more as, typically, this is the number of people where the complexity of running the business makes it hard to implement change. However, implementing change is challenging no matter what size of business you are. Need help? Get in touch and let’s have a chat.

How much does it cost?

Membership to the Spiral Hub Programme is an investment of £1,475 per month. Discounts are available, subject to contract terms.

Is there a minimum contract term?

Yes, 4 months.

Why is there a minimum 4 month commitment?

Change takes time and seeing the benefits of working differently doesn't happen overnight. For this reason, I ask for an initial four-month commitment to the programme. After this period, it moves to a quarterly cycle, which can be cancelled at any time.​

Who in my business can access the Programme?

For change to be successful it needs to be led from the top by an aligned team. To support businesses to successfully implement change, up to ten people from your business will become members of The Spiral Hub Programme.

Will the programme distract my team from their day jobs?

Coming from an operational background myself I am acutely aware of the need to maintain today’s performance in parallel to implementing change. The Spiral Hub framework provides an integrated approach to change management that puts equal importance on running the business as it does on changing the business.

If we end our subscription, will we lose access to the materials?

As with most membership sites, access to the materials ends on the last day of your subscription.

How is this programme different to a traditional training course?

Typically, we remember 20% of what we learn when we attend a training course. The Spiral Hub Programme provides access to all training materials 24/7/365 with the sole purpose of making them fully accessible and available when you need them, not because that’s when the course is available. Alongside the training materials are monthly Q&A drop-in and accountability sessions to support you and your team to put your learning into practice and maintain momentum over the life of your change programme.

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